BIPA Overview

The strategy of the Bahrain Institute of Public Administration focuses on ensuring the availability of training in particular for the staff of the public sector, private institutions and citizens in general. BIPA’s strategy of e-learning can be summarized in the following statement:

“The establishment of an integrated electronic environment which offers opportunities for training and support individual learning"


To make the Bahrain Institute of Public Administration a leading center of public administration in the Arab world by providing and improving services, products and solutions for e-training, and contributes to the sustainability and growth of Arab e- training content. 

Main objectives:  

BIPA’s vision and strategy of e-training include the following basic elements:

  • Leading the e-training field: The Institute of Public Administration aspires to be a regional leader in the field of e-training committed to providing the best solutions to provide e-training and high value to its clients. It also aspires to be a center for exchanging experience in the region.
  • Provide and improve e-training services: BIPA’s e-training strategy focuses on making training programs and courses available through integrated electronic environment for all public sector employees and to provide the necessary support to clients to ensure service commensurate with their aspirations.
  • Provide and improve e-training products and solutions: The e-training Center at the Institute of Public Administration is developing a variety of electronic learning products and support to government institutions to invest in the optimal solutions of e-training programs, tools and systems
  • Ensuring the sustainability and growth of e-learning content: The center will contribute through e-training products to support the growth of e-content in Arabic. The Center will provide workshops and specialized courses as well as advisory services as a policy to ensure transfer of expertise and capacity building on an ongoing basis. 
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